Recrea | (latin) restore, refresh, revive, recreate

Welcome to Recrea your gateway to Sustainable Fashion Transformation through our Sustainable Fashion Events.

Did you know that there is enough clothing on our planet to outfit the next six generations? These statistics are staggering. At Recrea, we are on a mission to revolutionise fashion consumption. We champion creativity, mindset shifts, & eco-conscious fun while leaving a positive mark on the environment. It is vital to educate people of all ages about reducing overconsumption & securing a better future. It is NOT too late. It is crucial to educate both the young and old generations that together, we can reduce overconsumption and create a better future for generations to come.


Our name "Recrea" is derived from the Latin origin of the word "recreare," meaning to recreate, revive, restore or refresh. This name and our founder's dedication to conscious consumption serve as the driving force behind our mission, which is built on the three main pillars of sustainability: the environment, social responsibility, and the economy.


Environment: Our Clothing and Accessory swaps, Mending, & Customising Workshops, extending the life of existing garments to keep them out of landfill & reducing new production demand. We also emphasise sustainable materials & ethical production in our fashion consultancy services.

Social Responsibility: Our Children's Fashion Clubs & Parties educate youngsters about sustainable fashion & instil values of responsibility & conscious consumption. We source materials and resources from charity shops & sustainable businesses.

Economy: Our Learn to Sew Workshops & Fashion Talks empower individuals with skills for sustainable fashion careers. In light of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, we enable consumers to repair clothes & shop cost-effectively at second-hand retailers. This empowers them to allocate their money where it's needed most.


Our Sustainable Fashion Events are designed to educate and encourage people to adopt a more conscious approach to apparel consumption. With the ongoing cost of living crisis, our aim is to help navigate this issue by promoting sustainable fashion practices within the community. Join us on our journey toward sustainable fashion. Together, we will recreate, revive, restore & refresh, our perspective on clothing consumption & our existing apparel items; whilst making a lasting impact on our planet & the broader sustainability community.


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